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Find Out Why People Across The Country Are Using This Incredible New High Tech Pest-Repeller: "It Works So Much Better Than Anything Else"

Written By Sarah Davies - June 20, 2024

This may come as a shock, but we never imagined that we’d be writing a review recommending a pest repelling device that worked without needing to use harmful chemicals or poisons. 

We consider ourselves serious home technology experts, and have tested hundreds of products over the years. But for a long time, we’d still have recommended traditional pest controlling methods over repelling devices. 

In the past we’ve found that lots of pest repellers don’t always work as well as is claimed. Manufacturers make eye-catching statements about how quickly they can rid you of pest problems, which can turn out to be inaccurate. 

However, more recently, this technology has continued to develop, and a newly launched product has been seriously making us reconsider our views. 

It’s called the Bye Critter – and it might just be one of the most impressive products we have reviewed so far this year. 

So, before you spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on the services of pest control, you need to stop and read this first. We guarantee you’ll be amazed by everything the Bye Critter can do. We certainly were!

How We Nearly Missed Out On This Discovery

Several months ago, we received a message from one of the friendly team at Bye Critter, asking us if we’d be interested in reviewing their new ultrasonic pest repeller. We ignored it, as well as follow up messages.

Unfortunately, it’s just not possible for us to review every new piece of tech that gets launched.

And, to be honest, we were doubtful about Bye Critter’s claims. A device that promised to rid your home of pest infestations in a couple of weeks, and at this price? It sounded a bit too good to be realistic. We were sure that there had to be a downside.

So, what changed for you to now be reading this?

Well, a few weeks ago, a competitor of ours posted a glowing review and video of the Bye Critter in action, concluding that it was the quickest, easiest and safest way to deal with pest problems. 

We checked the Bye Critter website and found out that thousands of other customers from across the US were saying similar things in their five star reviews.

That’s when we realised we’d made a mistake, and we quickly ordered one from the website (which we could have got for free, if we’d responded to those earlier messages!) to try it out for ourselves.

What We Love About This Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

The first thing we were impressed by after taking Bye Critter out of its box was its design. It feels like a well-made piece of kit, but is also discreet enough that you can use it in your home and guests won’t notice it. 

But the real beauty of this device is how easy it is to set up and use. It was as simple as just plugging it into any socket around my home. 

There’s no on-going maintenance, and you can say goodbye to the hassle of setting traps or laying bait. In fact, for most of the time, it’s easy to forget that it’s even there at all. 

So, How Does It Work?

It emits ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves at a frequency that is undetectable to human hearing. One device covers a range of 800 sq ft, and prolonged exposure to these waves means the nervous system of pests begins to break down.

Their survival instinct kicks in, and pests are forced to flee from their location and away from your property. 

This kind of technology has been proven to work on a wide range of different pests, including rats, mice, roaches, ants, spiders, crickets, silverfish, water bugs and earwigs. Thousands of customers have reported their homes being rid of pest infestations in as little as just a few weeks. 

It works like magic, and the best part is that by being completely humane and non-lethal, Bye Critter doesn’t suffer from any of the common problems that affect most other solutions. There’s no mess or clean up afterwards – so you don’t have to worry about finding dead rodents or insects.

This is much safer and far more practical than using sprays, traps or poisons – particularly if you have young kids or pets at home. 

And I can say from my own experience of testing it that my own dog, Luna, wasn’t bothered by the device at all. It didn’t affect my sleep at night, or my concentration through the day. In fact, I definitely slept better knowing that I was protected from pests!

Bye Critter is the perfect pest repeller. It’s ideal for saving money that you’d otherwise be spending on expensive off-the-shelf products, or the services of pest control.

How Does This Compare With Other Similar Devices?

There are numerous other products similar to this that are available online, and to make this review fair, we researched and tested as many as we could. 

We won’t post a full breakdown of our findings here – but our conclusion was that Bye Critter was the superior device. We were impressed with its build quality, great value for money, and consistently strong reviews. 

Many competitor products featured mixed reviews, with customers reporting that their products had broken after a short time, or they hadn’t noticed any benefit to using them.

That’s why we recommend Bye Critter over and above anything else.

One More Thing You Should Know

You can try Bye Critter completely risk-free.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase, the team at Bye Critter will return your money…every single dollar…with zero hard feelings.

But they know the likelihood of you making this request is low. That’s because Bye Critter’s crack team of designers and technicians have spent the last few years perfecting this tool for the mass market, as well as investing in thousands of dollars in third party testing.

What Does That Mean For You?

It means you are getting the best quality product to help you rid your home of pests, and prevent them from ever coming back, effectively, quickly and safely – guaranteed. Every product has been rigorously checked and tested before it makes its way to you. 

Remember that Bye Critter are so confident that their product is perfect for you, that if you’re not fully satisfied, you’ll get your money back – no ifs, no buts.

Our Verdict: Is It Worth The Money?

I’ll be honest that when I first came to test the Bye Critter, I was a little doubtful about just how good it would be. 

As someone who has had a pest infestation in my home before, I know first-hand how distressing and difficult it can be to resolve. 

Over the past year, I’ve frequently had a problem with mice in my kitchen. Up to now, I’ve tried all sorts of different methods, but nothing has worked for very long. The mice would just start appearing again before I knew it. 

But since I started using the Bye Critter, I’ve not seen any sign of activity for weeks.

It really is a no-brainer to use Bye Critter – and it’s so much more cost effective and convenient than anything else available. 

And, if you purchase yours today, you’re eligible to receive a 50% discount off your order. But be warned: this is a limited time offer, and we have been informed that it is due to expire in the next few hours.

As of June 20, 2024Since launching earlier this year, Bye Critter is so popular it has sold over 425,000 units and over 30,000 units during its holiday sale. Due to its popularity and long waiting list, they’ve decided to extend their holiday discount of 50% off. To see if they are still available, click on the button below..

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